2013 Vermont Vacation with Cathy


07:00 Began our drive to Vermont
13:00 Had lunch at the Double Hex restaurant

14:00 Checked in at the Aspen Motel

14:30 Toured the sights in Manchester: the Equinox Hotel, Delwood Cemetery, and lots of lovely homes and pretty flowers

16:00 Ran amuck at the Yankee Dollar store, buying all kinds of household goodies
17:00 Then, back to the motel to freshen up for dinner and the show
17:45 Rushed thru dinner at Henry Bistro's and took dessert with us 'cause we didn't want to be late for the show

18:30 Drove to the Weston Rod & Gun Club ... in a bit of a hurry.
19:00 Now here's the thing. I'm driving up Bromley Mountain. It's a very steep SKI MOUNTAIN. So, when I saw the flashing light in my mirror, I pulled over quickly 'cause I figured he must be chasing someone else. How fast could I be going up this mountain? When I saw him writing, I said this must be an award for being able to get my VW to go so fast driving up THIS FREAKING MOUNTAIN ... the police officer didn't agree with that suggestion.

19:30 $105 dollars later, we got to the theater on time. "Loving Leo" was a lousy play with good actors. The show was about a young man and woman living in New York - happy to be married and living without children - when Uncle Leo took ill and moved in with them in their one bedroom apartment. Leo got the bedroom, the couple got the foldout sofa. There was little spoken dialog but lots of musical dialog, something about how "Love is Like a Boat" - don't ask. Afterward the audience was encouraged to submit constructive comments since this is a new play.
Cathy wrote, "For Christ sake! Stop whining and get a two bedroom apartment."

22:00 Friendly's is out of business, so we went to the supermarket to get Ben and Jerry's as a late night treat with our apple crisp dessert.
23:00 Too cloudy to view the stars tonight

08:00 Had breakfast at Sherry's restaurant
09:00 Drove to Danby and met Catharine, one of the owners of the Silas Griffin Inn, which they purchased "cheap" from the bank. But they bought themselves a lifelong fixer-upper project - the previous owners used interior paint on the outside clapboard. Now the weather ruined all the clapboard and it has to be replaced. The bank let the inn license drop so the grandfather clause does not apply. Everything now has to be brought up to current code, e.g. the swimming pool has to be handicap-accessible. And then they discovered asbestos hidden in the basement. We had a very interesting tour.

10:00 Drove to Brandon and took a tour of the grounds at the Lilac Inn. Took lots of photos of the grounds and peeked in at all the bedrooms.

Here are a few views of the grounds

And a few views of the lobby

14:00 Had a small lunch at a small restaurant in Brandon. It was also a Sherry's restaurant, but it was a different Sherry.

15:00 Drove back to the motel to freshen up for a wine tour, dinner, and the theater
16:00 Drove out to Poultney to visit the Whaleback Vineyard where we expected to get a tour of the winemaking process. All we got was lost ... and then finally we got a wine tasting session in this shack of a home. We each bought a bottle of wine, mostly out of pity.

17:45 Had dinner at the Barn Restaurant in Pawlet - every dinner on the menu was $13 including soup or salad, entre, and dessert ... yummy!

19:00 Drove to the Dorset Theater to see "Barefoot in the Park" - good show, good performance.


09:30 Had breakfast at Sherry's restaurant again
10:00 Drove to Bennington, shopped at the Camelot Village for artisan crafts and antique crap.

12:30 Drove to Arlington. Visited the antique store so I could get a picture of the creek as viewed through their window frame. Spoke with the owner and learned the reason why the Village Country Inn closed was not just because the owner was suffering from Alzheimer's. It's because the bookkeeper embezzled several hundred thousands of dollars from their accounts.

13:30 Bought some chocolate candy at the Village Peddler's Chocolatorium to have instead of eating lunch

15:00 Back to the motel to dress for dinner and the theater
16:00 Drove to Weston to visit/shop at the Village Country Store and the Christmas Tree Shop.
18:00 Had dinner at the Bryant House

19:00 Arrived at the WESTON PLAYHOUSE in time for Pre-Show Director's Talk. The play was the Neil Simon musical, "42nd STREET." The performance was fantastic - singing and dancing performed by New York talent doing summer stock.


Had breakfast at Jim's Diner before starting our arduous drive back to Philly. I missed a turn which added an extra hour to the trip and then got in an enormous traffic jam on the NJ Turnpike. But I made a split decision to got off at the very first exit. Not knowing where the left me was still a better risk than staying in that traffic jam. I got directions that actually shaved 30 minutes off the extra hour I expected for the wrong turn. Of course today the weather was hot, and the made the drive without air conditioning seem to last forever. But it did not detract of having had a really enjoyable time in Vermont with Cathy. She made the trip a real pleasure for me because she expressed her enjoyment at everything we did and each time we saw yet another beautiful view. I made a steak dinner for us at home and Cathy helped in the kitchen, making a salad and cleaning up.

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