2012 Vermont Vacation with Rachel


Drove up to Allentown, picked up Rachel, switched my luggage to her car, and then continued our trip up to Vermont.

Stopped in Hoosick, NY for a quick visit with Bart and Ruth. They ran the Old English Barn Restaurant where Nina and I used to stop for lunch.
Now they simply live in the Barn.

We had lunch at the Double Hex (the world's greatest hamburgers). And then we settled in at the Manchester Inn.
Too tired to do any sightseeing, we just sat on the porch and chatted about our options for tomorrow.

Before dinner we went to the Dellwood Cemetery to see the epitaph I used for Nina's tombstone.
You can read the whole story here.

Went to dinner at the Panda Bear (Chinese food) and then drove out to the Weston Rod and Gun Club to see the one man show starring Marc Wolf in "Another American: Unplugged". The show conveyed the sentiments of gay men and women in the armed services during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era.

After the show we went to Friendly's for dessert.


Had cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast and a nice conversation with the other guests. You'll find the recipe for the cottage cakes here.

We visited the Wilson House in East Dorset.

At the Equinox hiking trail we saw some some very interesting sights:
Lake Equinox, Vermont style graffiti, and a Mutt Mitt dispenser with visual directions.

I wanted to spend the rest of the day in the vicinity of Weston since we'd be going to the Rod and Gun Club again in the evening. So, we ate at the Byant House for lunch and then browsed thru the Village Country Store.

Then we drove to Ludlow hoping to find the Crawley Cheese plant. By the time we arrived we were too late for the Cheese Making tour,
so we planned a return visit for the next day.

Serendipitously we discovered Buttermilk Falls. It's a local swimming spot that's challenging to reach, but has its own great views.

And speaking of great views, we next visited the Weston Priory, a community of Benedictine monks,
where along with the views, I found this profound advice.

Time for dinner - so, we drove back to Ludlow. We were told DJ's was the best Restaurant around and they're only open for dinner.
Rachel ordered a huge grilled chicken salad and I ordered a steak (turf and turf). Then we split the dinners. Quite nice salad bar, too.

And finally we saw the play "Mary's Wedding" at the Weston Rod and Gun club. The play was not so hot, but it still made me cry.

An finally we went star gazing in East Dorset; it was disappointing, lots of clouds


The drive through Bennington is always a delight. But we were there to quickly browse through the Craft Center.

I never could breeze through the Craft Center, so we were lucky to make it back to Ludlow in time for the cheese making tour.

While I watched the tour, Rachel spoke with the pig farmer's son.
He was there to take the whey away. You see, the cheese makers give the whey away.
And the pigs just love the stuff. So, they cart the whey away.

Across the street from the Weston Country Store is the Weston Village Store.
And that was our next stop. Rachel bought cheese and a walking stick.

Then we went back at the Inn, I took a nap and Rachel took a swim.

And then it was dinner time. I'd been saving the Sirloin Saloon for last, but alas, it's closed. So, we went back to the Double Hex. I ordered the rib steak; it's always delicious. Then off we went to the Dorset Theater (where I flirted with an Usher named Sue) and saw the play "Boeing Boeing."


For our last day, we hung out in Manchester Center. We visited the "Jewel of the Mill" gift shop. I bought a bird feeder at the Bird Store.
And then we took a tour at Hildene and shot these photos of the house and the garden.

Went to Christo's for dinner before going to the Weston Playhouse to see "Ella." The show included her bio as well as lots of great music.


The drive back from Vermont was a long one. I missed a turn and that added two hours to the trip. I'm exhausted. But this was a great trip. Thanks, Rachel, for keeping me company. Before the trip I prepared Old Time Radio shows and music in case we ran out of things to talk about. But that never happened. The drive was a breeze because our conversation never stopped. You're a real interesting person and I wish you well in all areas of your life. And thanks for sharing your stories with me.

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