Tamaqua Memories

Here are some photos to help you recall nostalgic memories of wonderful times.

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~1935 The Schwartz Clan of Tamaqua

1936 Bubby Rose

1936 Sidney (slim)

~1936 Albert in the back yard

1937 Albert in the back yard

~1937 Bubby Rose - where was this picture taken?

~1937 Albert and friends on the wagon

1938 Isaac and Rose, but who's that little girl?

~1938 Isaac, Bessie, Bertha, Sidney
Sidney came a courtin'

~1940 Blanche waitin' by the bridge

1942 Bertha and Sidney by the back porch

1944 Isaac, Max, Esther, Blanche
First time out after infected windpipe

1944 MM Paperman, MM Schwartz, Max and Blanche
Meeting the Machetunim

1944 Rose and Isaac, folding chair in a park

1945 Blanche hold Carolyn
Where is this?

1945 Isaac, Rose, Esther, and Bertha

1945 Rose, Albert, Isaac
A sailor in the back yard

1946 Isaac, Yale, Carolyn, and Esther
Tamaqua back porch

1946 Albert and Yale, Max and Carolyn, Sidney and Esther
and Isaac on the back porch

~1946 Max and Blanche
lying down in the park

1948 Dorothy Schonberger, Sylvia Morgan, Blanche
Sissy, Esther, Carolyn, Yale

1947 Yale and Carolyn
Good pals

~1949 Yale, Carolyn and Esther
45 North Pine

~1950 Carolyn and Aleta
Portrait pose

~1956 Marvin
School photo

1967 Marvin's Bar Mitzvah, the whole family
Bob, Marvin, Esther, Blanche, Gloria, Albert, Max, Sidney, Bertha, Aleta, Carolyn, Yale
Dori Jennifer, Mom Rose Schwartz

1967 Marvin's Bar Mitzvah, brothers and wives

1993 Max and Sidney
Good pals


Max and Blanche
65th Anniversary

Max and Blanche
Our favorite Tamaqua memory

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