Our Family Album 2019
Whatever Pictures ... as they arrive

20190519 Esther & Yale - sittin' &chattin'

20190516 Shirley & Yale - together again

Emerson's Bat Mitzvah
Carrying the torah is a heavy responsibility.
Our Whole Family
Mona, David, Emersom, Bonnie, Kiley Ashley, Raymond, Kate,Yale, Adam, Otis, Brianna, Nathaniel, Lynda, Michael, Jennifer, Sarah

20190428 Sarah appears in Red Herring

20190409 Karaoke pals Chip & PJ come for a visit

20190310 I had a stroke
0310 SUN

Something strange happened.  I couldn't control my left arm.  Mona called an ambulance.  Five minutes later they arrived. By then my arm was back to normal. They checked my vitals and everything looked fine so we sent them back.  But after dinner I took the garbage out to the curb but I had trouble walking back.  So, Mona took me to the ER.

   I had a stroke.  At 4 AM I broke out in a cold sweat.  They switched me to ICU and they called Mona.

   I thought my life was over.

   No such luck.  Now I have to do rehab.

Yale walking

Mona's Bedroom
Notice the changes. Twin beds have been replaced with a single full size bed. Dark green curtains have been replaced with sheer mauve floral patter.
Upstairs Bedroom
And here's where the twin beds landed It's a nice cozy guest room.

Procrastinator's New Year
But what to do with all those ballons?
A clown in your bedroom!

Hollywould Poster due out in April
I appear in a few scenes as an extra.

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