Our Family Album 2018
Whatever Pictures ... as they arrive

20180324 Rehoboth Jewish Film Fest

From Michael: "Fantastic sold out screening at the Rehoboth Jewish Film Festival. Quite an honor to speak to the audience afterwards."

20180318 Expecting

Cody and Rachael are expecting. And Mona is making ten Diaper Cakes as center pieces for the baby shower. . . . (Psst! It's a boy. You can't imagine how much work goes into making these decorations.)

A Beautiful Equation

Yale & Nina as Family Guy characters

2018.0108 Logan got a new toothbrush

"I got him that new toothbrush and he brushed his teeth for like 10 mins" ... So says Ryann, "And I'm his mother."

2018.0107 Asella Evy Hart is adorable

"If you have a daughter in your life who helps bring balance to your world. She is beautiful in every way. She has a heart of gold. She makes you laugh but drives you crazy. She is your Best friend. She fills your rainy days with sunshine. You pray for her success & you want her to achieve all her dreams. You're thankful for & truly adore your daughter." ... So says Remi, "And I'm her mother."

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