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2017.1223 Christmas Caroling
The weather forecast called for rain !

Rain was forecast, but that did't stop us. We piled into my car and drove to several homes in the neighborhood. I called ahead to let them know we were coming and then we sang with the windows rolled down.  I even bought a string of Christmas lights and hung them inside the car.  The neighbors we visited graciously greeted us and seemed to be pleased with our intent. Then, back at the house we had apple pie, and coffee, and pleasant conversation. Thank you Carolers for joining me.

2017.1113 Singalong at Yale's House
Suppose you threw a party and nobody came, again!

=== Preparation checklist
.. make coffee
.. boil water for tea, pour hot water into thermos
.. lemon juice, milk
.. heat cookies, set in basket, small dishes, napkins
.. tea bags (black/herbal), sugar/diet sweetner/honey
.. stirring spoon, honey dipper (drip dish)
.. styrofoam cups, plastic glasses, cold water
.. turn on all inside and outside lights
=== Nobody showed up
One person cancelled
Four didn't show and didn't cancel
One lady came but couldn't find my house.
She sent a nasty email because I didn't
include me phone number in the invitation.
I replied with my phone number,
but she never noticed that.
I literally sang, "All By Myself."

2017.1028 Halloween Parade in Broomall
Nathaniel on drums again; but now he's a black and white cow
Click here to watch the video

2017.1006 Yale at Elkins Estate
Working a background role for the History Making Prouctions documentary entitled "Philadelphia: The Great Experiment." It is a chronological treatment of the history of Philadelphia from pre-European settlement to 1995 that broadcasts in 25 minute episodes on Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate, WPVI-TV.

2017.0804 Mona & Yale in Vermont

2017.0616 Emerson graduating from Lynnewood

2017.0609 Otis's 65th Birthday Party

2017.0606 Asella Evy - Born Today

2017.0521 Happy 90th Birthday, Aunt Shirley

Rather than blowing out the candles, Aunt Shirley showed a simple way to avoid spreading germs. She pinched out the candles.
You learn a few things in 90 years.

2017.0516 Weird Things Come in Threes

It's often said that weird things come in three's. First, my laptop died right before Karaoke ended. I was upset, not knowing why this happened. But after chatting with a few folks, my best guess (and fervent wish) was that it overheated and just needed to have the dust blown out.

The 2nd weird thing happened on the drive home. A small animal ran in front of the car and THUD. That was one dead animal. It was hit dead center at 40 miles per hour. When I got home and pulled into the garage, I took at look at the front grill to see if I had much damage. SHOCK - four legs were sticking out - definitely it was a red fox. I did not want to deal with that at 1:00 AM and considering what a mess it might be taking it out, I decided to keep the car out on the driveway overnight. That's when I started worrying what the 3rd weird thing would be.

The 3rd weird thing happened this morning. When I went out to check out the dead red fox problem, the fox was gone. No sign of him anywhere. I'm really thankful I left the car on the driveway, or I'd have an angry, wounded red fox in my garage this morning.

Click here to watch all my Red Fox stories

2017.0509 Ceri chatting with Don Smolenski (Eagles)

Thank you Don Smolenski (president of the Philadelphia Eagles), as well as a huge thanks to South Jersey Energy Solutions for the invite. We talked about the character and morals of the players and how they are often looked at as role models. Don agreed that it is important for the players to understand the role they play in this community.

2017.0506 Kiley - a day with Zeyda

Went to Dutch Country Players in Telford with Kiley to see the stage play, "Little Princess." Afterwards we went to Ho Choi
and brought home Orange Chicken and Hot & Sour Soup to have for dinner. And that's when I met McGee, their new puppy.

2017.0429 Kiley's Bat Mitzvah

     Poppi, "I'm qvelling. You were so good."                                  Kiley, "But you never told me I had to schlepp the torah so far."

2017.0413 Brianna - a day with Zeyda
Look, Ma, no hands

Click here to watch Bree flip
Spent the day here at home with Brianna. I taught her all the standard signals for Charades and we both acted out a few. Then we played the World Map game. That's a game Esther and I made up. It's a kind of Where's Waldo game using any name you see on the map. We watched a few segments of our old home movies. Watched video clips of my Swing Dance with Sophie and then I showed her how to do the pretzel move and the cuddle.
     I introduced her to all the art work produced by her relatives. We played a bit of Mother's Prayer on piano. And then we made Fried Matzah for lunch. Afterward we went food shopping at Aldi's with Aunt Shirley and bought the ingredients for making a Smoothie. Back at the house picked white weeds, sprayed dandelions, toured the yard, and I took a video of Brianna doing an aerial flip. And then we played Gin Rummy. She plays quite well.
     Brianna helped me make dinner: crusted chicken Parmesan, nuked potato, and fresh string beans. Finally, I helped Brianna make a Smoothie. Yum! And then our day was done. Thank you, Bree, for spending the day with me. It was great fun.

2017.0221 A Strange Looking Fence?

What's this I see at the back of our yard? Has the neighbor put up a new fence?

Oh, No! It's a tree that was blown down.
The foot end of that tree is six feet high.

2017.0215 New Kitchen Floor

2017.0128 Swing Dance
To see some awesome photos, click here
and then, click on the swirly one for a 360 degree view.

The Commodore Barry Club ballroom when it's all dressed up.

Mary Jane's
This was a Philadelphia Swing Dance Society event. I arrived at the club at 5:45 to help with the setup. Jim asked me to setup 10 tables and chairs to accommodate 150 people. At 7:00 about 60 people arrived for the beginner's lesson. An hour later the rest of the crowd arrived and the dancing began. There were a bit more than 100 people, almost an even match of men and women. And nearly everyone danced every dance - there were no wall flowers. Couples switched constantly. The ages ranged from mid 20s to early 70s. But the way couples paired up, age didn't matter. There was a very pleasant rapport.

2017.0104 Visited Longwood Gardens
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