Our Family Album 2016
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2016.1207 Sarah in the Title Boxing Club video
Click here to watch the video

2016.1202 Dangling Wire

There's a low hanging wire dangling across the front of my lawn and across the driveway. I called Verizon and warned them about the danger. The soonest they say they can get here is Sunday at 11:00 AM. I put out lawn chairs and a yellow tape running parallel to the wire.

2016.0921 Siblings 68 years later

2016.0917 Ugly Bug

I was in the garage still cleaning up after the party. I'd just put away the extension cord when I noticed this monsterous sized bug. I observed it close up 'cause it looked like the decayed skeleton of a strange looking bug. Then, I went in the house to get my camera. When I came back out to shoot the photo, it had moved. YIPES! This thing was not dead. I took a quick photo and went back in the house to get the deadliest bug spray I could find. Then, back to the garage and (from a safe distance), I sprayed the life out of it.

2016.0911 Summer Party

Esther & Alan's summer party was a rousing success. The menu consisted of pizza, veggie salad, fruit salad, cabbage borscht, iced tea, lemonade, and sundry desserts. Had lots of help from our guests at the end of day cleaning up. Thank you all.

22 Attendees included...
Alan & Esther
Rachel & Sydney
Ray & Bonnie
Shirley & Lisa
Kate & Otis
Adam & Lynda
Nathaniel & Brianna
Alan & Maryann
Carol Nan
and Yale

David plays Jenga

David takes a break from the music to play 'Jenga' at the Haverford Music Festival Saturday.

2016.0823 Vermont Trip with Michael

Despite my dad's standing ovation by the Jewish boys on the 18th hole...I crushed him by 15 strokes.

Lovin Vermont with Pops Lovin Vermont with Pops Lovin Vermont with Pops Lovin Vermont with Pops

2016.0719 Nature's Window Box

2016.0619 Father's Day
Kate's gift to Otis - a Corvette rental for two days

2016.0517 Springton Lake Middle School Concert
with Brianna playing violin

watch the video

2016.0506 Penncrest High School Jazz Band
with Nathaniel as the solo guitarist

watch the video

2016.0506 Brianna's Piano Solo
Playing background music in cafeteria for Grandparents Day

Brianna eyes up the piano

Checks the score as a last minute prep

And then, she played a piece from Lion King.

Wild Violets on a stone wall

Huey lyin' in the grass

Emerson - Talent Show


2016.0206 Brianna's Art

Visited with Brianna; she introduced me to "The Lion King" and while we were watching it, she drew this picture of Zazu.

2016.0109 Buddy O'Brien's 80th Birthday Party

Buddy and I sang "Fly Me to the Moon" ... watch us sing ...
... and Maureen was there, too.

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