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2015.1222 Colonial Village Carolers

Back row: Frank, Barb, Judy and Yale ... Front row: Cier and Maureen
We did it again! We went a-Caroling. Fourteen people signed up, two called during the day to say they couldn't make it. Of the 12 remaining only five showed up. Perhaps it was scheduled too early. But whatever the reason, a "no-show" is just darn inconsiderate.

However, that didn't stop the six of us from enjoying the evening. We sang in front of five homes and were greeted by the inhabitants in each case. I used a Salvation Army style bell to annouce our arrival at each house before we started singing. It worked well getting the attention of the inhabitants. They came to the door and most came out to offer us treats or just to say thanks. That made it all worth while.

This was a lot of fun. Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh those Rice's - they're at it again
Last year it was Ceri. This year her son, Spencer, was honored.

The Evolution of Logan

The Dining Room Wall

This is where I decided to hang the new "Nina at 50" collage. The top row of photos are the nine segments from the original collage. These photos feature each of our six children. I added a row of photos below that showing our kids with their spouses and all of their children. Next I'll start adding photos for our grandchildren's families with their children.

The Audition

Today was my audition for the part of Granddad in the min-series, Global Energy Race. Before going to the audition, I checked the street view using Google Maps. I saw a modern building, so I felt comfortable that I wouldn't be walking into a war zone. When my GPS told me I had arrived, the building was on my left. I saw the modern building that had been displayed on Google Maps, but...

... I was on the right side of a divided highway with construction equipment all around and there was no place to park. If I continued driving straight ahead, I was going to wind up on Route 95 North leading to God knows where. So, I made a hazardous U-turn. At least that got me on the side of the road where the building was, but... there was still no place to park.

... A few blocks later I found a side street to the right and then following my GPS back to the building, I found myself on a back street in the middle of a construction site. Well, at least I found a place with free street parking. So, I parked.

... I took the GPS with me to find my way to the building 3 tenths of a mile away. I also took out my voice recorder to make notes on how to find my way back to the car. Here's a couple photos showing the mess I had to walk through. This was not a pleasant experience. If we have to shoot the film in that location, I think I'll pass.

Ki and Em sing the Father's Day Song

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Kiley's Moving Up
Next year she'll be in Middle School

And we celebrated with lunch at Iron Hill Brewery in Media

Kate & Otis
Big Year in Niagra Falls

Cassie & Nick
Wedding Day June 5, 2015

2015 College Grads
Sarah, Zach, and Ashley
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Nathaniel performs at A J Stephen's Cafe

Click here to watch a short segment on YouTube

Reece is one year old

Birthday cake

Baby got pigtails

Ceri's a Grandmother
This is the first time Ceri has seen her daughter Kate since her birth.
And it's the first time she's seen her granddaughter Leslie.
From left to right: Kate, baby Leslie, Ceri, Savannah, Skylar, Spencer, Sawyer (absent)

Art Session with Brianna and Zeyda

Thank you, Mona, for sharing this great memory

A Letter from Nina ... 1969
My sister, Esther, has been going through a lot of old papers when she came across this letter.
It brings back some wonderful memories.

New Glasses

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