Our Family Album 2014-A
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2014.0611 Hayley's Graduation
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2014.0524 Artistic work from Reece and Brianna

Reece in a pink hoodie

Brianna's drawing of a Phillies game
2014.0517 Matt & Ryann BBQ

John and Remi

Remi and Reece

Michael & Ryann (creepy Zeyda)

Mr & Mrs

Lawrence Ladies: Ryann, Annette, Louise, Pat, and Midgett
2014.0509 Grandparents Day at the Rosewood School

Brianna at her desk

Alexandra and Brianna, BFF
2014.0508 Grandparents Day at the Lynnewood School

Marge, Emerson: camera problems

Marge, Emerson: holding hands
2014.0427 Zeyda's 70th Birthday Party

Party was held at the Desmon Hotel

Birthday card from Brianna
More Happy People

Cassey and Nick

Stef and Reece, first selfie
Stefanie, John, Scout & Reece Home Sweet Home
2014.0401 Great Zeyda Yale came for a visit

2014.0330 Kiley and Emerson at Haverford High School

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2014.0317 Yale brought hamantashen for Uncle Max

2014.0308 Ryann and Matt are married

2014.0214 An Act of Kindness

With all the shoveling I did yesterday, I did not finish the final 8 feet of the driveway where the snow plow left 3 feet of packed snow.
... I cleared a path for tire tracks and then took a moment to catch my breath. Just then a jeep with a snow plow drove past, and I wished he'd stop and come back.

Two houses down from me he stopped ... and backed up. He opened his window and said, "Are you a vet?" I said, "No." He said, "Ah, it doesn't matter. Get out of the way, I'll take care of this for ya." He did my whole driveway. ... I yelled to him, "Before you leave, I'm going to throw some bucks at ya. Find a vet who could use the money."
2014.0205 Driveway Clear of Snow
All ready for Karaoke, but then...

More snow was forecast but it never showed up. Instead the freezing cold weather caused extensive damage to trees and consequentially falling limbs took out electricity in 700,00 homes, including ours.

Happy People

John and Stefanie
Expecting our great grandchild late in March

Reece Mae
2014.0317 Born today

John and Stef - with the lights on

G'ma Mona, baby Reece, and daddy John

2014.0203 Procrastination
These branches fell just as I started to shovel the driveway

I first played a few hands of solitaire to work up my guilt to get out there and shovel the driveway. Six inches of snow later, I forced myself to face this awesome task. Then, just as I was stepping out of the garage ... WHOMP ... several branches broke off and fell three feet in front of me. Had I played one less hand of solitaire, they'd have fallen on me. Procrastination is my friend.

It took two hours to blow six inches of heavy wet snow off the driveway and by the time I finished the spot were I started had accumulated another inch. Came in the house - cold, tired, and hungry. So exhausted, I couldn't find the energy to make lunch. And then I thought how nice it would be to have some hot, tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Thank you Campbell's. The mere thought of your piping hot tomato soup provided the motivation I needed to make this lunch.
2014.0117 My Twin
My cousin just sent me these photos and asked if this was my twin. Thought you'd enjoy 'em as well. By the way, Ralph and Jackie (the producers of MYcroNATION) have been working toward making the pilot sitcom into a full feature movie. They said, "We are hoping to have a feature script done next month and then we're going for financing."

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