Our Family Album 2013
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Photos from 1970
Thanks to Mickey Rose

- Yale, Sheba, Gerry, Nina, David, Sugar, Ray; 374B Moyer's front yard - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yale, Nina; 374B back porch - - - - - - - - -

Gerry, Nina; 374B fireplace - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ray; Bar Mitzvah

WJZ's Chelsea Ingram and Michael Ivan
having coffee with Baltimore's favorite son

See Cody as Ferris Bueller on YouTube 6/2013

Halloween 2013
Starring Kiley and Emerson

Kiley is an angel and Brianna is a puppy dog

Halloween 2013
Starring Nathaniel and Brianna

Nathaniel dressed as Harry Potter and Brianna came as a "Home Tweet Home" bird house

Circus of the Kids 08/15/2013
Starring Emerson and Kiley

Click on Emerson's or Kiley's picture to see their performance

Rockdale Music -- Nat on guitar 07/26/2013

Click the pic below to hear a segment of Nat's solo

Aunt Shirley hits the boards 06/28/13

Click the pic above to see photos from the show, "A Park Bench"

Nat's guitar solo 05/14/2013

Click the pic above to hear a segment of Nat's solo
(It takes about one minute to load, then click on the play button)

Brianna Soccer Game 2013/05/11

Before the game, Nathaniel gives Brianna a pep talk.

Watch Brianna come from behind to make the save.

Watch Brianna drive the length of the field.

Grandparent's Day with Brianna 2013/05/03

Attended Grandparent's Day at Brianna's school with John and Sue.

Bree's 2nd Grade Musical Performance 2013/04/18

Notice how the posture of the kids simulate the letters Y M C A.
That's Bree on the left wearing the red scarf and the white hat.
Click here to see a snipit of Bree's YMCA performance

Two movies starring Emerson
Click the links to watch the movies

Em's selling cookies

Em's thumb trick

David, Jenn, Emerson, and Kiley in Disneyworld 2013/02/12

Rachel and Cody (close friends) 2013/01/11

Remi's Promised to Louis 2013/01/05

2010 Billy - New Year's Eve

My best friend Billy died today, Jan 2, 2013. He'd have been 74 on Jan 6.
--- Here's a link to a Tribute page ---

In memory of Billy Rice

Ryann's Engaged to Matt 2013/01/01

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