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Nat's guitar solo 12/18/2012

Click the pic if you'd like to hear a segment of Nat's solo
(It takes about one minute to load, then click on the play button)

Bree's Bowling Awards 12/15/2012

Click here to learn about "alley etiquette"
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Cody and Friends at Linvilla 11/2012

A day at Linvilla with Rachel, Dakota, Kayla, Patricia, and someone.

Making God Laugh 11/15/12

Aunt Shirley and I met the Rice's at the New Station Pizza place in Souderton for dinner before seeing the show, "Making God Laugh" at the Montgomery Theater. The show just as easily could have been called "Making the Audience Laugh" as it followed the antics of one family's get-togethers over four decades, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Just Growing Older. Every member of the audience identified with the family's joys and miseries, laughing at the performance and at ourselves.
      The script is wonderful with delicious dialog and clever storytelling. Each actor was a perfect fit for their roles. And their performance was snap on target, hitting punch lines with great timing, and speaking clearly even for those of us with declining audio acuity (aka old people ears).
      This is a "don't miss it" show, perfect for the holiday season. So, DON'T MISS IT. It's at the Montgomery Theater in Souderton - it's worth the trip. Here's a link to their website.       http://www.montgomerytheater.org/shows/making-god-laugh

Autumn view from 717L 11/13/2012

Sarah's first time ever voting

Before                                                         During                                                         After

AHE Mascarade Party 10/30/12

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, the premier of "All Hallows' Eve" was held tonight at the Rebel Rock Bar in Philadelphia. The entire cast and crew was invited to attend the Mascarade Soirée. I decided to wear my mummy costume, but instead of a full head wrap, I needed a version that would leave my eyes and mouth operable so I could drive myself to the party and eat when I got there. I modeled my outfit after a web series character known as "Mummy Cop." Go ahead, look it up I hoped the AHE crew (all being so young) would know who "Mummy Cop" was. See for yourself. Here's a photo of me and the real mummy cop.

Mummy Cop on the web (the real one)                                 Mummy Cop in my house (this one is me)

Mona and Bill sittin' in a tree 10/20/12

Sean's Lacrosse Game at Shipley - 9/23/12

On the sideline, Sean's a head smaller than his teammates. But on the field, he plays LARGE.
In this shot, Sean's about to throw a crosscheck that knocked his opponent out of bounds and nearly into my lap.

Zelda at 95 - a flood of emotions - 9/22/12

Happy Birthday, Zelda ... many more

Nat's Soccer Game - 9/15/12

Owl of the Week - 9/02/12

Ashley Arbuckle - Field Hockey

Sophomore transfer Ashley Arbuckle has been
named Owl of the Week for the week ending Sept. 2.

Arbuckle scored three goals over the weekend, including the game winner against Rivier College in the season opener, as the Owls start the season 2-0 for the first time since 1998. Arbuckle’s goal in the 4th minute of Saturday’s game was the first of seven that the Owls put in the back of the cage in route to a 7-0 win. In Sunday’s game against Sweet Briar, she added two more goals as the Owls upended the Vixens 9-2.

Click here to see the action; a DIVING ASSIST in HD

Phillies Game - 8/25/12

Em, Jenn, and Ki - David's girls

Gymnastics at home with Bree - 7/13/12

Bree put on a gymnastics show for me - first by doing a split and then showing that she could do 10 chin ups.

Nathaniel on guitar - 7/13/12

Nat's Baseball Game - 6/18/12

Alan said, "Take me out to the ball game." So, Esther and I loaded up Alan and the
wheelchair and off we went to see Nathaniel playing in the championship game.
Click here to see the rest of the story.

Sheara and Erin's Wedding - 6/02/12

Sheara and Erin were married today at the Swedish Museum in Philly.
Afterward they celebrated with some bubbly.

Hayley's Confirmation - 6/01/12
*** Click the picture and enjoy the music video ***

6/1/12 - Remi's NOCTI Certification

Mona announced that "Remi passed the NOCTI State Level Certification in Culinary! Yeah Remi! Soooooo proud!"

5/25/12 - 'Twas a busy day
The Gutter Gurus

The Gutter Gurus came early this morning and installed the new patio downspout in less than 20 minutes. Notice the green device at the bottom? It's an automatic roll out extension to keep the water away from the house.

A visit with Beth

As soon as the Gurus left, I drove to Bala Cynwyd to deliver my DVD to Dan Gottlieb's producer. And afterward stopped by for a surprise visit to see Beth. We had brunch and, as always, pleasant conversation. Beth, at long last, is getting rid of some of her collectibles. She asked if anyone might like this old school desk and chair combination, complete with inkwell. I suspect David and Jenn may like to have it for Ki and Em. And then, before leaving, I took this photo of Beth's English garden.

Dinner and a movie with Kate

To round out the day, Kate treated me to dinner and a movie at the Movie Tavern. We saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." These were my favorite lines.

Sonny (the manager) attempting to help the fallen guest:
"Let me through, my brother is a doctor."

Sonny (when things go wrong):
"Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not the end."

Never heard of the Movie Tavern? It's a movie theater with a swing table top on every chair that has a call waiter button built in. You can order dinner, dessert, popcorn, and drinks while you watch the movie. The place must have been built by someone who was not allowed to eat meals and watch TV in the living room when he was a kid. Thanks, Kate, this was quite a treat.

Michael and the KIPP Lacrosse Team - 5/22/12

Proud of our KIPP Lax team...a great game but we came up a little short. 9-8 to Roland Park.
Best game of the KIPP Lacrosse program. Next year we take it up another level!

Happy 85th Birthday, Aunt Shirley - 5/11/12

The cake says, "Dear Mommy - Happy 85th Birthday"

Aunt Shirley says, "I'll drink to that ... Let's celebrate!"

Kudos to Ashley - 5/5/12

This note came from Mona:
Ashley got into Bryn Mawr! Such a great child, "young adult"! Can't wait to visit the castle!!!!!!!
I am so proud! Is it nature or nurture! I think it is both! Plus a guardian Angel is a plus!
Both of your moms are soooooo proud! Love you!!!!!!!!!

Woodman, spare that tree by AlanK - 5/4/12

Alan agreed (reluctantly) to sell his old Mercedes and today was the day the truck came to pick it up.
But just as the ramp was set in place to load it on the truck, Alan fell. No, the car didn't run over him.
He slid on the greasy ramp of the tow truck that was about to tow away his '84 Mercedes. Broken fibula and posterior tibia.

Grandparents Day with Brianna - 5/4/12

Grandparents Day with Nathaniel - 5/4/12

Michael, lacrosse coach - 5/2/12

I was very impressed watching Michael coach his lacrosse team.

Passover's Over - 4/14/12

While everyone gathered round the table to wish Emerson and Bree a happy
birthday, Otis snapped this photo (and I snapped him snapping us).

Chad Schwartz finds rare trees - 4/11/12
Chad is Uncle Max's grandson

Chad Schwartz, a senior at Whitehall High School, discovered a patch of rare umbrella magnolia trees in the woods behind the school and his backyard. (DENISE SANCHEZ, THE MORNING CALL / April 11, 2012)

And when it grows up, it will look like this.

Hayley's Confirmation Class

Bree ... "Look, Ma! No training wheels - 4/2/12

Aunt Shirley and Huey - 4/2/12

Sarah in "Red Velvet Cake Wars" - 3/24/12

Look who got a piano - 3/9/12

Trigger Finger be gone - 2/29/12

Zeyda's prepped for surgery

How's Your Weather Today - 2/25/12

Yale looking out the window in PA --- Esther looking out in FLORIDA

Emerson's 1st Video

Emerson discovered how to shoot movies with David's camera.
She narrated while shooting as she walked down the stairs.
At the bottom of the steps, she spied the mirror on the wall.

"Look, there's a mirror. It has me in it. How great is that!"

Zeyda lights up our life

Ki and Em saying, "Hi, Zeyda! We like the Festivas lights you gave us."

Nat and Bree - cheek to cheek

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