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2010 Christmas
2010 Peace 'n Love
2010 School Pictures



The Bryant Gymnasium

Zach expresses his gratitude
Kobe Bryant returned to Lower Merion and donated $400,000 dollars toward the school's arts
and athletic programs. Zach said, "Thank you," and named the gym after the basketball superstar.
Soccer with Nat and Bree
Home Coming Court

Sarah and friend

Sarah's party dress, with and without her friend
Almost Heaven

Gerry, Carolyn, and Yale at Hildene
USA Lacrosse Team - 2010 Champions

Michael in Manchester
A Quiet Summer Day

Mom and Esther on the patio
Kid-sitting for Nat and Bree

They're watching "Astro Boy"
Sarah as Young Hattie in Follies

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Hayley's BC Middle School Graduation

The family bore witness

It was all a blur

Distinguished Honors
Ashley's Downingtown East Graduation

Co-President of the Senior Class and Member of the National Honor Society
Awards: Art Department Excellence, Excellence in Oral and Written Language
Kiley's "Reach for the Stars" concert
Bree's dance recital
Nat and Bree ... at the baseball park

Nathaniel waiting his turn

at bat

on 1st

on 2nd

Bree, "When do I get to bat?"

"I'm willing to trade"

"Yippee! Water ice!"
Kiley's show ... A Tribute to the United States
Prom Pictures

Ashley and Tom, going to the prom (Hey, that rhymes)

Sarah and Mike, at the JR prom
Sarah ... cheerleading and resting

Jumping Juniors special cheer for ZEYDA!

Sarah cheering for Downingtown East

Sarah and Ralph

Zeyda's artwork

Bree's artwork
Zeyda ... kid-sitting for Bree and Emerson

Zeyda's artwork

Bree's artwork

February 23, 2010 Bree

February 23, 2010 Zeyda

January 27, 2010 Emerson performing triage

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