Happy 40th Birthday
Michael Ivan Schwartz

I created this collage as a tribute to Michael's achievements in celebration of his 40th birthday.

Click on the photo to see an enlarged version.

A.    Michael is a member of  Vimeo, a video makers web community.

B.    Behind Lacrosse is a cable TV show Michael produced featuring biographical insights about Lacrosse players. It ran for three seasons.

C.    Michael's freelance video production company is Loud Communications, LLC.

D.    HappySAHD is a documentary Michael produced sharing insights about Stay At Home Dads.

E.    VOX is Michael's first magazine publication. It's a Generation-X special mission magazine

F.    This tattoo adorns his arm. The circular design is modeled after an Iona cross which symbolizes community. The Aramaic words around the outside say, "Father to the fatherless." And the word in the center is "Dreamer" which is a reminder of the story of Joseph "and the passion God has put in me to live out His dreams for me despite the obstacles along the way."

G.    This clipping is symbolic of the Girls Lacrosse team Michael coached. (Unfortunately my Google search turned up this Beth Tfiloh team which was coached by some other Michael Schwartz... my bad.)

H.    No Sofa in the Men's Room is a book in process. It's an eye-opening discovery about things men need to know.

I.    Michael received the Albert Schweitzer Telly Award in honor of excellence for regional television videos.

J&K.    These are two photos taken on some of Michael's many trips abroad.

M&N.    These are two photos taken of Michael as a youth.

O.    A Google search for "Michael Ivan Schwartz" turns up 11,400 results.

P.    "Forty Days to Forty" is Michael's blog documenting the 40 adventures of "something I've never done before each of the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday!"

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