Me and My Gal

A bunch of photos and any words I'd like to place up front.

"Any madness to fill the void" -- I remain, Yale

Nina with Sara the Cat

Nina and Sara at Carol's

Nina holding Sara at Mona's

Yale shot by Nicky
We're standing in the living room in Hazleton. Nothing can hurt us now - as long we can hold each other tight. And then she gave me "the look." Can you see it in her eyes? That's the look that says "I'll go through Hell and Hazleton with you. I'll see you through thick and thin. You are my white knight. You're my sunshine. You're the air I breath. You're my everything. I'll love you till the end of time." If you've never had someone give you "the look" - you haven't lived.
Kate found this old Polaroid shot of us and I was instantly transported back in time. The photo is faded and wilting, but the memory is vivid. Next to Nina's nose is the small blue suitcase Nina used to pack her make up and incidentals. And under my chin is the Polaroid camera case. We got that Polaroid camera free. It was a family project. All we had to do was eat 25 boxes of Bugles. With a family our size, eating the first 10 boxes was easy. For the kids, it was a dream come true. Eat all you want and Mom and Dad didn't mind. But after a while, we never wanted to see another Bugle. "Oh, give me a potato chip... please." "No, No, not till all the Bugles are gone." TWENTY FIVE BOXES OF BUGLES. I don't think I ate another Bugle for 25 years.

Sara wears a daisy

Six months in Vermont

Cheek to Cheek

Nina in aqua

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