My Homage to Rene Magritte
... a collection in progress

Lovers in boots

Red Model 1935

To See or Not To See by Laura Joan Levine

Magritte with Hand Over Face by Rene Magritte

Yale camouflaged in the woods

Magritte's "Le Blanc-seing" (The Blank Signature)

Yale's moon in a tree

Magritte's "Le Seize Septembre"

Alzheimer's care ... Self Storage

Magritte's "Perspective: Madame Récamier by David"

My rain gutter garden

Nature's Window Box"

A Minyon of tailors

Magritte's "Homage to Mack Sennet"

The Sun turned everything red

...and blood ran in the streets

...and day turned into night

Magritte's "Empire of Lights"

Before, After, and During

Yevyel 1909, Yale 2009 ... photo by Esther

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