In Memory of Uncle Max

65th Anniversary Party

The Memorial Service

Uncle Max lived to the ripe old age of 97. His memorial service was held at Griffiths Funeral Home in Tamaqua.  The weather was a frigid 7 degrees.  In spite of that, a large number of friends and family attended.

His son-in-law, Gerry Schwartz, delivered the first eulogy, presenting the story of a beloved husband, gentle father, amusing grandfather, and an all around nice guy. The two most important things in Max's life were his family and his devotion to God.

Yale Schwartz, Max's nephew, shared the story of how Max and his brother, Sidney, came to share the business of the "Reliable Window Cleaners of Tamaqua."

And finally, Brent Schwartz shared the perspective of a loving grandchild whose life was enriched by his grandfather.

Yale's Eulogy

In 1935, my Dad was a senior in high school and Uncle Max was in 9th grade. Both boys helped their dad washing windows. One day, they were washing the inside windows of one of the banks. Uncle Max was on the top section of a 24 foot latter when he fell. One of those glass tables where you fill out deposit slips broke his fall. He was not injured, but a few days later Zeyda had a stroke. That's when the two brothers became weekend bread winners for the family.

My dad waited till I was in 10th grade before he introduced me to the business. It wasn’t his goal to lead me into that as a career. In fact, it had quite the opposite affect. I remember during the winter breaks from college, I found myself wondering why stay in college, especially with mid-terms tests that would be coming up soon. But the answer always presented itself when I put my hands in the bucket of water that had anti-freeze added to keep it from freezing. Yes, even in weather like today … the Reliable Window Cleaners of Tamaqua washed windows.

Washing windows with my Dad was work. Washing windows with Uncle Max was fun. He taught me the squeegee swirl. Dad always used the squeegee in straight lines.

After Aunt Blanche died, I visited twice Uncle Max, a couple times. We watched movies, ate hamantaschen that I had baked, and chatted over coffee. I had hoped to visit more often, but most of the time when I called, he was never at home. His kids made sure he spent very little time alone, spending time with them or traveling. By the way, if you'd like to adopt me, I'm ready.

A Trip Thru Time

1921 Sidney and Max on a hobby horse

1930 Sidney, Max; backyard

1935~ Schwartz Tamaqua Family

1940~ Blanche by a bridge

1945.03 Rose, Albert, Isaac

1944 MM Paperman, MM Schwartz, Max, Blanche; Machetunum

1945 Carolyn and Blanche

1946 Yale, Albert, Max, Carolyn, Sidney, Esther, Isaac

1946 Max and Blanche lying down in the park

1962 Carolyn

1950 Carolyn and Aleta

1956 Marvie

1967.10 Marvie's Bar Mitzvah

1967.10 Marvie's Bar Mitzvah - brothers, wives, and bubby

1978~ Max, Ariel, Brent, Aleta, Blanche, Gerry, Carolyn

1993~ Max, Sidney - good pals

1997~ Gerry, Carolyn, Max, Bert, Blanche - a synagogue somewhere

2002 ANNIV Carolyn, Aleta, Max, Blanche, Marvie

2004.0325 Max - cleaning windows

2002 ANNIV Max & Blanche

2005 Max & Blanche - kitchen table

2007 Harriet, Albert, Bert, Max, Blanche - 65th Anniversary

2007 Max & Blanche - Entire Family; 65th Anniversary

Yale & Carolyn - good pals sixty years later

2008 Blanche and Aleta - in the kitchen

2008 Max and Rebecca - picnic

2008 Sue, Marvin, Chad, Aleta, Ariel, Blanche, Max - blue glasses

2014.0317 Yale and Max - hamantashin visit

2015.0523 Max - Newport, Bannister's Wharf

2015.0621 Max and Brent - Happy Father's Day

2016.0118 Rachel and Max - Allentown VA Clinic

2017.0707 Max - easy chair and family

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