Cecelia (Sis Criss) Manashil
Nanna Sis is Nina's mother.

Sis's earliest artistic endeavors were her painted china. I understand that she fired the china in her own kiln.

Garden Party Classic
Her next efforts were oils on canvas. In "The Garden Party Classic" Sis attempted to copy one of Hyman's pieces. She told me that she literally felt her brother's hand take over when she painted the young man with his arms akimbo. Then, gaining comfort with her own style, she painted the "The Garden Party Family" replacing the classic crowd with Nina and me and the kids. She continued in oils for many years with a wide variety of subjects, including a few nudes made specifically for Al. (Whoever has the nudes, please send me photos.)

Garden Party Family


Scene from Israel

Still Life - flowers
Sis signed her paintings as Sis Criss. However, years later Al told her that he was offended that she didn't use her married name. So, she signed her subsequent work "CM" for Cecelia Manashil. In later years, Sis did needlepoint. While the challenge of small stiches was daunting for a lady with eyes of 80, Sis's used petti-point for additional detail. Note the petti-point stiches in the Dancers' faces below. There are four petti-point stiches in the space of one standard stitch.

Spinning Wheel

The Entertainer

Young Lovers Kiss

School Work