Uncle Jack Klemow

Click here to see pictures from Aunt Ruth's 90th birthday party

Yale: "But something more needs to be said."

At Uncle Jack's funeral many family members shared their wonderful memories to let us know this man they loved so dear. While I lacked the voice to participate at that time, I'd like to share my memories of Uncle Jack with you now.

First of all, the man could dance. It seems that every time I visited the house on Diamond Avenue music was playing and my cousins were dancing. At every Wedding and Bar Mitzvah, if there was music playing, Uncle Jack was dancing. And oh how he could jitterbug! He became my silent dancing hero. Long before "Saturday Night Fever" when Uncle Jack danced, they cleared the floor.

I know the quality of these pictures is poor. They were originally shot on film as shaky home movies, and then they were transferred to videotape with early technology, and finally digitized with crude home equipment. Ah, but what wonderful memories they recall. While scanning the tape, I remembered Jack's hats. The man was a dapper dresser. His hat and his mustache were his trademarks.

And then I found this shot of Bonnie, Bubby, and Jack - sitting on Aunt Alice's front porch in Wynnefield on a warm sunny day, just rocking and talking. I miss them so.

Bertha: "Thank you for sharing your memories of Uncle Jack"

How true that dancing was the love of his life, and dancing with him was my pleasure. When he was in his nineties, and we were at family celebrations, he would come to me and say, “Let’s go, Bert,” and I would be the one who would say, “Just take it easy.”

Esther: "Yale's memory of Uncle Jack really touched me."

I wish I could have been in Hazleton with all of you to laugh and cry over our wonderful memories of Uncle Jack, to celebrate his life. When I'm in PA, I'll miss his almost daily visits to my mother's house where we talked about everything from his youthful adventures to current events. Even without his eyesight, he recognized my voice when I'd kiss him hello at a party or in Shule or at my mom's. He brought me my puppy, Skipper, on my 16th birthday. I believe my father and Uncle Jack are together again, once more sitting in comfortable chairs goading each other into good-natured arguments over silly topics like where to get tomatoes at the best price. Rest in peace, my sweet uncle.