Ervais and Joseph Oldies
Thanks to Ed Posnak for these photos

Matilda and Sol in front of a 1925 Essex

Reba and Matilda Cobrinsky

Matilda Cobrinsky

Jay Joseph

1940.May; Sandra Joseph Posnak and Jay Joseph
... already he's playing tennis

Jay Joseph, high school photo

1954.0919; Jay Joseph; Germantown JCC; Buddy, Nina wedding

1940.May; Ruth Horowitz, Beth Joseph

Beth and Sandra Joseph
young girls are so impressionable

It Happened One Night
Claudette Colbert ... the original

Sandra and Beth Joseph

Sandra Joseph, high school photo

Beth Joseph, high school photo

Beth and the dogs

Beth Joseph Ervais and Jill Ervais

Jonathan Joseph, Anne Cobrinsky Gold, Matilda Cobrinsky Joseph, Kate Lemisch, Reggie Karwoski

Mona Lemisch, Beth Joseph Ervais, Sandra Joseph Posnak, Daniel Posnak, Lee Cobrinsky

Sandra Joseph, Reba Cobrinsky, Claire Lemisch, Matilda Cobrinsky, Beth Joseph

Susan, Debra, Richard Ervais

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