Max Schwartz - family tree

Here is product of Chad's family tree research

~1935 The Schwartz Clan of Tamaqua

1944; Rose and Isadore; Blanche and Max

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Max's Parents
Isadore and Rose - wedding photo

1915~ Isadore and Rose (Goldberg) Schwartz, wedding photo
Isadore's Parents
Miriel and Gershon Schwartz

Miriel Schwartz, Daughter of Yeshaya

Gershon Schwartz, son of Avraham
Miriel and Gershon's children
Isadore and Oscar

Isadore and Oscar Schwartz

Isadore Schwartz

Oscar and Isadore Schwartz
Rose's Parents

Louis and Esther Goldberg
Rose's Brother's Family
Louis and Gertrude Goldberg and family

Jerry and Jean Goldberg

Jack, Mike, and Frank Goldberg
Miscellaneous Family Photos

1930; Sidney, Max; Tamaqua backyard

And then there were three, Rose and Albie

Isadore and a Friend

Jean Goldberg

Rose (Goldberg) Schwartz - portrait

Rose (Goldberg) Schwartz by a fence

Schwartz Family - Sidney, Isadore, Albert, Rose, and Max

Isadore, Rose, Albie, and (Isadore's brother and his son) Max and Jerry Schwartz

Rose, Isadore, and Max Schwartz

Max, Isadore, and Albie
Miscellaneous Goldberg Photos

Jack, Jerry, Frank, Mike, and David (Glenn) Goldberg

Louis Goldberg's Fur Shop

Gertrude Goldberg

she might be Rose Schwartz's grandmother

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