Halloween's of Our Past

Please help me fill in the missing names wherever you see ???
I need the names of the people or the names of characters they're supposed to be

The theme was Clowns

a1-Charles and Nancy; clowns

a1-Yale and Nina; clowns

a1-Aleta and Ariel; clowns

a1-Is this Steve and Rose???

a1-Dave Gross and June not yet Gross; clowns

a1-Mollie Sue and Stan Shumas; clowns

b-I have no clue who these clowns are???

b-Mayer and Ann; clowns

b-Sissy and Phil; clowns

b-Maureen and Bill; clowns

b-Dolores and Joe; clowns

b-Gerry, Kitty; clowns

Famous Couples

c-Mrs and Louie Trachtman as Jack and Jill (note the pail)

c-Dolores and Joe as Mickey and Minnie Mouse

c-Billy, Maureen as Pied Piper and Winnie the Pooh

c-Yale (pirate), Esther (witch); 1949 Halloween

c-Tiny and Ruth as Johnny Appleseed and the Tin Man

c-Kitty and Gerry as Pinocchio and Gepetto

c-Beth and Ronnie as Robin and Batman

c-Gerry, Kitty as Scarecrow and Dorothy

c-Maureen and Bill as dirty old man and his niece

c-Bob and Bobbie McRobbie as inscrutable Chinese people

c-Ruth and Tiny as Groucho Marx and Oliver Hardy

c-June and Dave Gross as annoyed lady and Oscar Madison

c-Nina, Yale a Herman Munster and Lily

c-Yale, Nina as Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio

Commercial Products

ad-who are these robots???

ad-who are these masked persons???

ad-Janet and Ray as Wrigley's Gum and the Panasonic TV

ad-Ronnie and Beth as Ben Franklin and his kite

ad-Yale as Uncle Sam (was I on stilts)

ad-Tiny and Ruth as Alka Seltzer and something???

ad-Esther as Mr. Whipple - Don't Squeeze the Charmin
Bob as Wisk - Ring around the Collar

ad-Tiny and Billy as little Alka Seltzer and big Alka Seltzer

ad-Maureen and Billy as Crayola Crayons and big Alka Seltzer

ad-Kitty, Getty, and Nina as Snap, Crackle, and Pop

ad-Ray Moyer as the Panasonic television

ad-Yale, Bubby as patient and nurse

Miscellaneous Halloween Shots

z-friend-1, Mona, SydneyX as Raggedy Ann, Minnie and Mickey Mouse

z-Phyllis and Jack Kramer as a harem girl and a sultan

z-Mickey, his date, Mollie Sue and Stan Shumas

z-June and Dave Gross; nurse and ghost

z-David, Adam, and partial Raymond as hunchback, zombie werewolves

z-David and Michael as Superman and Casper

z-Billy, Maureen as Robin Hood and Maiden

z-Gerry, Kitty as old folks

z-1962 Yale the pirate is attacking fair maiden, Aunt Alice

z-Billy, Maureen, and Yale as Three Elves A'Dancing

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