Red Weasel - TAKE TWO
If at first you don't succeed, try try again

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Dan Mendenhall
This film is the brain child of
Dan Mendenhall and Travis Butler. It's
a story about a farmer and his best
friend after one crazy night at the
Red Weasel Tavern.

Travis Butler

The Location

On a farm in West Chester, PA, isolated from the rest of the world ...
the focal point for the story takes place around Farmer Henry's barn.

The shoot started at 6:30 AM. It was a bit chilly, but not unpleasant.


The farm offered up some beautiful views ...
And all you had to do was look around.

On TAKE ONE for this project, we huddled around an electric heater
to stay warm, but now we just sat outside. Click here to see what I mean.

I took this photo but I'm part of the cast, too. So, I photo-shopped myself into it.

Head Shots of the Cast

Yale Schwartz as Henry Smith

Lyssa Roberts as Cindy Caldwell

Emily E Knitter as Isabel Rohas

Rachel Williams as Steffoney Vallier

Joseph Charles as Jessie Chad

Melissa Martinelli as Mary Chad

The Rest of the Crew

Mike Felton: Key Grip, Production Manager
And these two guys worked their buns off.
We appreciate all you did to make this project work. Don't think we didn't notice.

Mike and Jim, we thank you.

Jim Levi: Boom Operator

It is truely amazing what these four guys were able to achieve.
Jim, Mike, Travis, and Dan ... we salute you.

Girls at the Red Weasel Bar and Grill

TAKE TWO was shot with ease.
Cast and crew worked hard and worked well together.
Dan dreamed up creative shooting angles,
and the crew provided the support to fulfill his ideas.

This trailer for Day 2 is just a teaser.
You can view it by clicking here.

And here is the official website for The Red Weasel.

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