Red Weasel - TAKE ONE
No good deed goes unpunished

This film is the brain child of
Dan Mendenhall and Travis Butler. It's
a story about a farmer and his best
friend after one crazy night at the
Red Weasel Tavern.

The Location

On a farm in Marietta, PA, isolated from the rest of the world ...
the focal point for the story takes place around Farmer Henry's barn.

But the shoot started at 6:30 AM when it looked more like this.
And it was so cold, the temperature hadn't even come out yet.

And the wind was blowing so hard it caused
this tire to swing six feet off dead center.

While we huddled together around a nine inch electric heater
to stay warm until we were called outside to shoot our scenes.

Head Shots of the Cast

Yale Schwartz as Farmer Henry Smith

Joseph Charles as Jessie Chad

Melissa Martinelli as Mary Chad

Alie Smith as Cindy Caldwell

Shantala Surya as Steffoney Vallier

Alas, TAKE ONE was jinxed from the start
One cast member, not pictured here, was a no-show. The script had to be rewritten on the spot.
And then there were equipment problems. And threats of snow for the following weekend.
So, TAKE ONE was called on account of being jinxed.

But now you can click here to see TAKE TWO

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