Esther and Yale 1950s
with family and friends

One of my cousins circulated a photo from 1955 asking for help to identify the people in the picture. That sparked my nostalgic streak, so I scanned this bunch of 50's photos from Mom's photo albums.

COMING SOON: If you click on a picture, you'll see a large version of the photo.

circa 1950 Yale learns to play basketball
using a soccer ball at the JCC

1955 Sandra, Sharon, Bertha, Esther, Bonnie
4506 Walnut courtyard

1955 Kenny/Carol Brownson, Esther, Yale, Dumbo/Laurette, Donna Goldsworth, Larry Klemow
118 E Tamarack back yard

1955 Herman/Sherman Bruchanski, Uncle Eli, Alan, Bubby, Sandra, Aunt Shirley, Yale
Bertha, Richie, Esther
4506 Walnut courtyard swimming pool

1955 Bubby, Sandra, Bert, Esther
Richie, Janice Bruchanski
4506 Walnut courtyard swimming pool

1955 Esther, Richie
4506 Walnut courtyard swimming pool

1955 Susan Figlin, Yale; 82 North Wyoming safety patrol
Women just can't resist a man in a uniform

1955 Aunt Alice, AlanB, Esther
4506 Walnut courtyard watering Alan

1955 Sandra, Esther, Janice, Richie
4506 Walnut swimming pool, Esther's modest

1955 Esther, Martha Sartorias
118 E Tamarack, her second Mom

1955 Nadine, Yale, Richie, Esther, Bonnie
4506 Walnut courtyard holding Richie

1955 Larry, Susan, Yale
118 E Tamarack back yard, Susan and Yale's birthday

1956 Sandra, Esther, Alan, Richie, Yale
4506 Walnut courtyard - SMOKIN'

1956 Yale, Laurette, Esther
118 E Tamarack practicing somersaults

1956 Yale, Laurette - SMITTEN

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