Bring Back My Bonnie to Me

I captured this picture from an Uncle Eli 8mm film that was
transferred to video tape with less than high tech equipment.
But that smile still shines through.

It still breaks my heart

My cousin, my friend, my dance partner. When we did the jitterbug, they cleared the floor just to watch us dance. I'll never forget the pink dress you wore to Alan's Bar Mitzvah. I watched the home movie of that affair dozens of times just to see you again and again.
"Topsy Part 2" and "Crazy Auto" were our favorite jitterbug number. It took more than 5 years before I danced again once you were gone. And I've missed you every April 8th for the past 50 years. My birthday is April 5th. It triggers such memories. But it also brings to mind the good times as these pictures demonstrate. ~Yale

A Trip Thru Time

1948 - eating ice cream in Uncle Irving's wagon
Irving was Uncle Eli's brother

1949 - 45 North Pine Stree
A gathering of all the cousins that could stand by themselves

1951 - Bonnie's in 2nd grade

1955 - It must have been a Sunday visit to Tamarack Street

1955 - The back courtyard at 4506 Walnut Street
And who's the youngest bathing beauty

1958 - Of course she's a cheerleader

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